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Our pigs spend their summers rooting around in the woods for grubs, greens and goodies. In the winter they are kept in a large outdoor pen with access to shelter and plenty of straw bedding to snuggle and play with. They are fed a mix of local, organic grains which we mill & mix on farm. The pork from these guys is unlike anything you will find in the store. Flavourful, juicy and brightly coloured; this is truly yummy pork! 

Steaks, chops & cutlets are sold in packs of 2 (with the odd single or triple pack available) and roasts, hams & ribs come in a variety of sizes (let us know what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to fill your need). All prices are per pound.

Currently we offer three options for buying our products.

Farm Pickup: We are located a mile off highway 2 in Webster, Alberta and can arrange a time that works for both of us. Contact us for directions and to arrange a time.

Bi-Weekly deliveries to Sexsmith: We deliver to your doorstep every second Tuesday between 4-5pm.

Bi-Weekly deliveries to Grande Prairie: We meet all of our Grande Prairie customers at a central location between 12:15-12:45 every other Tuesday.


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