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We are a small first generation family farm hoping to one day be able to devote our full time to providing nutrient dense food for our local community. We believe that the quality of the food we eat plays a big role in the quality of our health. This is why we use regenerative agricultural practises and strive to continually improve the quality of our land, the vitality of our animals and by extension, the health of our community. Our animals therefore get to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, local grains, fresh pasture in summer, as well as the freedom to move and behave as they were made to. The best part is that all this translates into rich, flavourful food for you and us to enjoy every day. The old adage of “It does NOT taste good, must be healthy” certainly does not apply to the food we raise.

Norwin Willis

Growing up in Germany, Norwin would spend as much time as possible at his uncle and aunt's farm where they raised a variety of livestock. When his family moved to Canada in 2004, he took every opportunity he had to help on local farms, while raising 2 of his own cows along with a few pigs and a small laying hen flock. Eventually in high school he landed a summer job at a small grain and cattle farm in Bezanson AB, which turned into 10 years of employment. A time he regards as an extended apprenticeship, and one he looks back on fondly. 

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Ruth Willis

Ruth grew up in Sexsmith AB and when she was 7 her family moved to an acreage a bit north of Sexsmith. There her family kept a couple of horses, shared a milk cow with 2 neighbours and raised a small layer flock. Ruth, her siblings and the cousins next door were supposed to take care of them. Most of the kids weren’t too excited about that idea so the plan was made that they could sell the eggs themselves, keeping any profits and having the responsibility of paying for the feed and other expenses. But soon it was agreed upon that Ruth would continue on as the sole proprietor of this small business. This was the start to many years of raising all types and breeds of poultry and earned her the title of “The Chicken Lady”. During her school years she would also often spend days helping an elderly couple with their sheep and cows and in the process adopting them as her grandparents. She learned lots about animal husbandry from them.

For as long as they can remember, Ruth and Norwin were both interested in farming. They met when they were 9 and 10 years old and used to play together alongside their siblings. They started dating when they were in highschool and would work together on farming related projects. For example, one date consisted of a trip to a lumber yard to pick up supplies for some mobile chicken pens.

In 2013 they decided they should merge their farming ventures and made it official when they got married one year later. Since then they have worked on honing their skills, adding livestock, building their own house, growing their family and expanding their farming business. The rest, as they say, is history….yet to be made. Or something like that.

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