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Like the Broilers, our turkeys start out inside where they can keep warmer for the first few weeks of their life. After that they are moved outside into shelters similar to our Broiler shelters where they are moved to fresh grass everyday. They have excellent meat quality and make for a great bird to share with friends and family for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Alternatively you can cook up a whole turkey and freeze the meat to use in soups or other meals throughout the year.

The Details

How It Works

Thanks to some new legislation we are now able to process poultry on farm with an On Farm Slaughter Licence. This does require that we pre-sell the birds and that you buy the whole bird from us. To do this we are asking for a deposit at the time of ordering and the remaining amount due after we weigh them at pickup. These birds are not inspected by the health authorities but we do our best to process a clean and attractive bird. If you have any concerns or questions about our process don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will also be offering to half or cut up your birds into backs, breasts, drumsticks, thighs & wings for an extra charge. These will be vacuum packed. Whole turkeys are shrink wrapped. You turkey will need to be picked up on the butcher date you have selected.

Product Info

The numbers; here is how it breaks down:

  • 8-18lb. per dressed bird

  • $20/bird deposit at time of order

  • $6.00/lb. final cost, minus your deposit

  • =$48-108/bird per whole bird

  •  +$10/bird, halved

  •  +$20/bird cut into parts, vacuum sealed 

Payment Info

We accept cash, e-transfer, debit and credit card (credit not preferred due to the extra charges we incur). 

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