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Our hens spend their summers out on pasture where they can forage for grass, hunt for bugs and soak up the sun. This makes for delicious, nutrient dense eggs that you won’t find in stores. During our cold, harsh winters we move our hens into our large greenhouse where they can still enjoy sunny days, running around and digging around in their deep bedding. Our hens are also fed a locally grown & milled grain ration as they aren’t able to subsist fully from pasture.

The Details

Pick Up & Delivery

Currently we offer three options for buying our products.

Farm Pickup: We are located a mile off highway 2 in Webster, Alberta and can arrange a time that works for both of us. Contact us for directions and to arrange a time.

Bi-Weekly deliveries to Sexsmith: We deliver to your doorstep every second Tuesday between 4-5:30pm.

Bi-Weekly deliveries to Grande Prairie: We meet all of our Grande Prairie customers at a central location between 12:15-12:45 every other Tuesday.

Ordering Info

Regular Deliveries: Fill out this form to sign up for bi-weekly deliveries of eggs and receive 1,2,3 or more dozen eggs every other week. 

Occasional Purchases: Contact us on an as needed basis. We can't guarantee availability since priority goes to our regular customers but we often have extras.

Payment Info

Eggs are $6/dozen. We accept Cash or E-transfer. We also offer punch cards ($48 for 8 dozen, $72/12, $96/16 and $120/20) so that you can pay in advance for your eggs and not have to pay for every delivery.

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