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Grass-fed & finished beef. Delicious, nutritious, and satisfying. This beef does not shrink a lot in the pan or have a dull grey colour to it. It is also quite lean making for more meat to enjoy! We do not use hormones or routine antibiotics when raising our animals, including the beef cows. The cows are rotated on pasture daily during the summer giving them a fresh salad bar to enjoy. In the winter they are fed hay which we preserve during the summer.

Orders are full for the year but if you would like to be added to a waitlist in case of extras feel free to fill out an order form.

The Details

Perks to Buying Bulk:

-Custom cut and wrapped to your liking! 

-Take meat off your grocery list for a long time!

How It Works

Our beef is processed once a year, usually in October. Order a whole, half or quarter beef to be cut and wrapped to your specifications by a local butcher shop. Pricing is based of off the hanging weight of the animal which is after the hide, head & guts are removed but before the meat is cut up and extra fat & bones are removed. If you would like to cut & wrap your own beef get in touch with us and we can discuss your options. For more details with pricing and breakdown please refer to our Article.

Ordering info

Contact us to reserve your quarter, half or whole beef. A deposit of $100/quarter is required at the time of ordering. We will notify you when the animals are ready for processing and you will then be asked to fill out a cut sheet so we can pass your cutting wishes on to the butcher. If you are getting a quarter we will do our best to fulfill your wishes but may adjust your cut sheet as you will be splitting a half with another customer. This will allow both parties to receive all the prime cuts.

Payment Info

Upon us receiving the hanging weights of your beef from the processor we will let you know what you owe us, and then the processor will contact you when your beef is ready for pick-up. We accept cash, e-transfer, debit and credit card (not preferred due to the extra charges we incur). Upon pick-up you will be required to pay the processor for the processing of your beef. 

Subscription Boxes

Is a whole, half or quarter beef more then you can afford all at once or have the freezer space for? We are now offering a subscription style monthly meat box where you can get and pay for your beef over the course of 12 months. For details check out this article: Subscription Boxes

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