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Tuesday's Tip: Freezing Food in Bulk

A few years ago the organizational wizard (Ruth) had a good idea. She emptied our personal freezer and rearranged everything into 12 boxes, one for each month of the year. So instead of having one big box of beef, another of pork, chicken, fruit etc., we now have 12 variety boxes. This can help to evenly spread your consumption over the year so you don't run out of something way before you would normally restock. It also keeps things from accumulating over time and getting freezer burnt. But what I (Norwin) like best about this system is that this means when the last thing in the box happens to be something special (like a rib roast), I get to enjoy it on a regular Wednesday night, instead of having to perpetually save it for that "special occasion" where I would have to share it with others :)

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