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Fun Fact Friday: How our bull kept his name.

Back in the summer of 2018 we needed a bull to breed our Belted Galloway Cows we had bought earlier in the year. We found a young Belted Galloway Bull and decided to buy him. When we picked him up we asked the owners if he had a name? Yes, Buster. Well neither of us liked that name so we thought we would rename him soon. When we got home and opened the trailer he jumped out, ran right through our electric fence and disappeared into the bush. Oh #&@*. And thus began a 9 week ordeal which involved several search parties, neighbours on horseback and quads, temporary corrals, our milk cow as a lure, even a tranquilizer gun. But the bull, who had decided to call our neighbours bush home, kept evading us. By now we where getting desperate to have our cows bred in time and contemplated our options. One Sunday morning we decided to give it one last shot, or else give up. Well we couldn't find him, so defeated we drove back home. Once home I thought we should check on our cows, and low and behold! The bull was standing just outside their pasture. We opened the gate, waited a few minutes, and he walked right in. Just that simple! So after all that we decided we cannot rename this bull; he truly was a Buster!

P.S. Buster has been a great bull ever since and has not gone through another electric fence.

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