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Breakdown of a Smaller Pig We Recently Had Cut Up.

We just got a pig back from the butcher and I weighed all the parts and made up this picture so you could see for yourself what a full pig looks like when cut, wrapped & in your freezer.

This pig had a hanging weight of 167 lb. One of the smallest pigs we have butchered.

Broken down this is what we got:

16 pkg. bacon total of 16.5lb.

7 pkg. steaks total of 14.5lb.

2 shoulder roasts total of 8.9lb.

8 hams total of 32.9lb.

11 pkg. chops total of 15.8lb.

3 loin roasts total of 9.9lb.

5 pkg. ground pork total of 7lb.

3 pkg. ribs total of 7.3lb.

2 pkg. pork hocks total of 3.9lb.

Grand total of 116.7lb.

70% return on meat (everything in picture) plus additional fat, bones & organs if you choose. This all fits in about 4.5 cubic feet of freezer space. This pig cost $399.36 to have butchered, cut, wrapped & cured. $150.61 of that was for the curing of the hams & bacon.

If you were to buy a pig this size from us you would pay $501 for the pig.

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