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Tuesday's Tip: Sometimes it helps if you just ask your wife.

Our milk cows were out of water Saturday evening and since there is no running water close by I fill an IBC tote and drive it to the cows with our skid steer. As you can see there is a soft spot I have to cross and up until Saturday the skid steer had no problem getting through. But not this time. I got stuck and could not move at all. Of course with the IBC tote and 1000L of water on the forks I couldn't push myself out. So my thought? Get the tractor and yank the skid steer out. Then come up with a plan on how to give the cows water. Of course thanks to modern technology I first sent Ruth a picture, so she'd feel sorry for me or something. Instead she suggested I get one of our long lay flat hoses and use that to drain the IBC tote into the cows water trough. Brilliant! Once the tote was empty it was light enough for me to pull off the forks by hand so I could use them to push myself out. No extra machines, chains, straps, ruts and mud! Thank goodness I married a smart cookie!

P.S. If Corb Lund had just asked his wife, perhaps he wouldn't have needed to call all his friends with trucks... of course we wouldn't have a song either.

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